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Minecraft Boys Long Sleeve Character Box Tee - Size 7 - Blue/Grey

Minecraft Boys Long Sleeve Character Box Tee - Size 7 - Blue/Grey

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100% Cotton
Pull On closure
Machine Wash

GREAT LOOK ON-THE-GO: These boys’ Minecraft long sleeve shirts are easy to pull on and off so your kids will be ready for a packed schedule in no time. They’re washing machine safe, and their superior manufacture will keep the shirts looking like new without colors fading or bleeding.

PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR PLAY OR SLEEPWEAR: These long sleeved Minecraft shirts will inspire boys to create their own outdoor adventures. They’re also warm and breathable for kids to sleep in comfortably all night long.

A GIFT MINECRAFT FANS WILL LOVE: Whether it’s for a holiday, a birthday, or just to make a day special, the gift of a Minecraft long sleeved shirt will bring a smile to a boy’s face and let them rock their favorite character from the most popular video game and toy line in the world.

No Minecraft fan’s swag collection is complete without Minecraft long sleeved shirts depicting some of the video game and toy brand’s favorite characters, Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton, Pig, Drowned, and a whole host of avatar icons. Shirts made from premium 100% cotton will fit any Minecraft obsessed kid.
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