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Women Thermal Underwear, Black Size Small Cationic Self-Heating Long Johns

Women Thermal Underwear, Black Size Small Cationic Self-Heating Long Johns

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Byruze Thermal Underwear for Women Winter Set

Item Details:

Material: 45% Cationic Polyester, 45% Ultra Soft Polyester, 10% Spandex.
Features: Self-Heating, Ultra Soft, Excellent Flexibility with Superior Elasticity, Moisture Wicking, Breathability, Anti-Pilling.
Application: Ideal for Outdoor Sports like Skiing, Hunting, Cycling, Climbing, Running, and Indoor Sleeping.
Size Chart: Small(US)
Key Features:

Ultra Soft & Self-Heating: Made of cationic self-heating fabric (90% Polyester Fibers, 10% Spandex), providing excellent comfort and warmth in cold weather. Works as a base layer to retain body heat with abrasive soft linings.
Excellent Flexibility & No Bulk: Superior elasticity allows for great freedom of movement. Suitable for various sports activities like skiing, climbing, jogging, etc. No snagging and no bulk, enabling unrestricted movement.
Moisture Wicking & Breathability: The fabric has outstanding sweat absorption and breathability, repelling odors and ensuring a healthy, comfortable sleep.
Compression Fit: Well-fitted to give your body a slimmer appearance. Seamless with flatlock stitching to eliminate friction and itching.

Versatile and Comfortable:
Byruze Thermal Underwear is designed for versatility, offering warmth and flexibility for outdoor sports and providing a comfortable base layer for sleeping indoors. The self-heating fabric ensures you stay warm in cold weather.

Moisture Management:
With excellent moisture-wicking properties, this thermal underwear set keeps you dry and comfortable by absorbing sweat and allowing your skin to breathe. It also helps in preventing odors, ensuring a fresh feel during activities and sleep.

Compression Fit and Size Guidance:
The compression fit provides a slimmer look while offering flexibility. Follow the size chart guidance to ensure you get the right fit, with Small(US)

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